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School Governance Councils (SCG) were created by the state’s education reform law (Public Act 10-111) to enable parents, school staff and community leaders to work together to improve student achievement. School Governance Councils serve in an advisory capacity and are charged with assisting the school administration in making programmatic and operational changes to improve the school’s achievement.  

Full description of councils’ responsibilities and By-laws


Click here for list 2016-2017 SGC members

Meeting schedule:

Click here for 2016-2017 meeting schedule

Agendas and Minutes: 

4-4-17 Agenda 4-4-17 Minutes
3-7-17 Agenda 3-7-17 Minutes
2-7-17 Agenda 2-7-17 Minutes
1-10-17 Agenda 1-10-17 Minutes
12-6-16 Agenda 12-6-16 Minutes
11-1-16 Agenda 11-1-16 Minutes
10-11-16 Agenda 10-11-16 Minutes
6-7-16 Agenda 6-7-16 Agenda
5-10-16 Agenda 5-10-16 Minutes
4-5-16 Agenda 4-5-16 Minutes
3-1-16 Agenda 3-1-16 Minutes
2-2-16 Agenda 2-2-16 Minutes
1-12-16 Agenda 1-12-16 Minutes
12-1-15 Agenda 12-1-15 Minutes
11-10-15 Agenda 11-10-15 Minutes
10-6-15 Agenda 10-6-15 Minutes
9-8-15 Agenda 9-8-15 Minutes
6-2-15 Agenda 6-2-15 Minutes
5-5-15 Agenda 5-5-15 Minutes
4-7-15 Agenda 4-7-15 Minutes
3-24-15 Agenda 3-24-15 Minutes
3-10-15 Agenda 3-10-15 Minutes
 2-3-15 Agenda 2-3-15 Minutes
1-13-15 Agenda 1-13-15 Minutes
12-2-14 Agenda 2-2-14 Minutes
11-18-14 Agenda 11-18-14 Minutes
10-21-14 Agenda 10-21-14 Minutes
6-10-13 Agenda 6-10-13 Minutes
9-10-13 Agenda 9-10-13 Minutes
10-1-13 Agenda 10-1-13 Minutes
11-12-13 Agenda 11-12-13 Minutes
12-3-13 Agenda  12-3-13 Minutes
1-7-14 Agenda 1-7-14 Minutes
2-4-14 Agenda 2-4-14 Minutes
3-4-14 Agenda  3-4-2014 Minutes
4-1-14 Agenda 4-1-2014 Minutes











Our Mission

At John C. Daniels Interdistrict Magnet School of International Communication students are taught to be creative thinkers who understand and appreciate the diversity in their communities and in the world. Students learn to communicate in different languages enhanced by technology and infused with the arts.  Students are inspired to excel in their studies, to be healthy and active and to contribute to a global society.

Family-School Compact for Achievement


New Haven Public Schools' Nondiscrimination Statement:

It is the policy of the New Haven Public Schools district that no person shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of or otherwise discriminated against under any program, including employment. Protected classes include Age, Ancestry, Color, Gender Identity or Expression, Genetic Information, Learning Disability, Marital Status, Mental Disability, Intellectual Disability, National Origin, Physical Disability, Race, Religious Creed, Sex, Sexual Orientation, equal access school facilities and school premises to Boy Scouts for America and other designated youth groups.

Title IX Coordinator:   Vallerie Hudson-Brown,  54 Meadow Street, New Haven,  Telephone#203-497-7014 504 Coordinator:  Delores Garcia-Blocker,  54 Meadow Street, New Haven,  Telephone # 203-946-8982


Contact Us

Principal: Dr. Marlene Baldizon
Assistant Principal: Laurian Kehoe

569 Congress Avenue
New Haven, CT 06519

Main Office: 475-220-3600
Magnet Office: 475-220-3604
Fax: 475-220-3605



School Hours: 8:35am - 2:50pm

Pre-K Program: 7:30am - 5:30pm