Program Overview

General Information

Interim Principal: Mr. Pedro Mendia
Asst. Principal:  Ms. Tianko Ellison

Main Office: 475-220-3600

Grades: PK - 8th grade
Magnet Theme
:  International Communication
Instructional method (K-5): Dual Language Immersion (Spanish/English)
School Day: 8:35-2:50
School Uniform:  Navy polo shirt with khaki pants, shorts, or skirt.  Navy T-shirts or sweats with sneakers for gym days.  Uniforms in these colors can be purchased at your favorite retailer, and the school will, from time to time, make logo-shirts available to students and adults.  Navy blue hooded sweatshirts are acceptable, but hoods are not to be worn inside the school.
navy poloKhaki pants

Program Overview

Through the incorporation of elements of International Communication in all subject areas, John C. Daniels School of International Communication aims to expand students’ knowledge about the world’s diverse countries, people and languages so that they are equipped and empowered to communicate with each other and across cultures. Students are provided with multiple and varied opportunities including the use of technology to apply their knowledge and skills in connecting with people around the world.

Some of our educational partners include:

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PAW is our Physical Activity aand Wellness committee.  Teachers, students and parents meet once each month to discuss and plan  ways to help our students become more physically active, make healthier food choices and participate actively in our school community. 


After School Programs

More information coming soon.



What are the regulations of the JCD?

The Band has the same regulations that rule every single activity at the school.

How do students receive their grade?

The grades are the result of three different factors: Attendance, homework and private practice, progress in private lessons and rehearsals.

What will the School offer?

The school will provide an instrument for the students to practice at home, to rehearse and play in concerts. A place to rehearse and an encouraging environment to help the children to develop in the very best way their talent.

What is requested from the families?

The students will pay a $25 dollars annual maintenance fee. New students will receive an instrument after the second month of classes prior the payment of the maintenance fee and the audition. The music books cost $10 dollars (Percussion books $25). Families can buy additional elements as mouthpieces for brass and reeds for woodwinds (clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon) in any of the stores listed at the end.

What is the band program promise?

To provide free private lessons taught by the Music in Schools Initiative Teaching Artists during the year. This is a group of professional students, who are finest performers and passionate musicians. They will teach your children to play the instrument they were assigned to and will be a possitive role model and an example of hard work, perseverance and excellence for your kids. Teaching Artists could guide the families too in the process of buying and instrument for their children.

What is the families' promise?

Families have to bring their children from Monday to Friday from 8:15am to 8:55am. Giving them a place and a time at home to practice.

What if the student is dismissed from the band program?

There are two main reasons why the students are dismissed from our program: family decision with parents/guardian authorization or for breaking the school regulations: absences, bad behavior, to fail in their academic responsibilities (rehearsals, concerts, private lessons) bad attitude, etc. When it happens the students will go to the general music class but they will get a bad grade for the making period when they were dismissed.



Sam Ash - 95 Amity Road  New Haven, CT 06515
(203) 389-0500 

Foundry Music Company - 102 Audubon Street  New Haven, CT 06510
(203) 776-3650

JC - Music - 529 West Main Street  Meriden, CT 06451
(203) 630-0234 

Rayburn Music - 19 Andover Drive  West Hartford, CT 06110
(860) 953-8846

Our Mission

At John C. Daniels Interdistrict Magnet School of International Communication students are taught to be creative thinkers who understand and appreciate the diversity in their communities and in the world. Students learn to communicate in different languages enhanced by technology and infused with the arts.  Students are inspired to excel in their studies, to be healthy and active and to contribute to a global society.


New Haven Public Schools' Nondiscrimination Statement:

It is the policy of the New Haven Public Schools district that no person shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of or otherwise discriminated against under any program, including employment. Protected classes include Age, Ancestry, Color, Gender Identity or Expression, Genetic Information, Learning Disability, Marital Status, Mental Disability, Intellectual Disability, National Origin, Physical Disability, Race, Religious Creed, Sex, Sexual Orientation, equal access school facilities and school premises to Boy Scouts for America and other designated youth groups.




Contact Us

Interim Principal: Mrs. Tina Mitchell
Assistant Principal: Ms. Yesenia Perez

569 Congress Avenue
New Haven, CT 06519

Main Office: 475-220-3600
Magnet Office: 475-220-3604
Fax: 475-220-3605


School Hours: 8:35am - 2:50pm

Pre-K Program: 7:30am - 5:30pm