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Chapter 13 Update

Hello!     We are currently working on chapter 13:  addition and subtraction to 40.  Boy has this been a HARD chapter so far!!!  Here's what we've been working on:

  • double digit addtion without regrouping
  • double digit addtion with regrouping

                      See the source image


  • double digit subtraction without regrouping
  • double digit subtraction with regrouping



Today and tomorrow we will be taking the addition and subtraction part of the chapter 13 test.  We will finish the chapter and take the test after break.  I will update you when we are closer to that date.  


Check out these videos that we have been watching in class.  The first one has helped us remember how to do double digit addition.  The second has really helped us remember what to do when we had to regroup in an addition problem.




Have a wonderful and relaxing break!!!  


Chapter 14
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