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JCD Apparel Order Forms


Orders are now being taken for gym shirts as well as other JCD apparel!

All orders are due by Monday September 27th. No late orders will be accepted. Please be aware payment will be accepted in cash only.

Click below for copy of order forms to download and print.





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PowerSchool Help Sign-up

As of Friday, September 3rd, half of our families have completed the mandatory orientation forms. We are offering on-site assistance to families who need help in accessing the forms on their PowerSchool account. 

The days and times are listed below.

  • Please click the day to view available times.
  • In an effort to continue to follow all district Covid Protocols, we will adhere strictly to the established times. Masks are required.
  • Parents MUST sign up for a specific time on the noted day. Please do not book more than one slot.
  • Please come prepared with a working email address as one is required to create your Parent Portal.

Choose a date and sign-up for time:

  1. Wednesday, September 8th
  2. Thursday, September 9th
  3. Friday, September 10th
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Arrival & Dismissal Procedures


For arrival, if you drop your child off, please do not ask questions of our staff. We need to ensure students enter the building in a timely and efficient manner. We cannot field individual questions at the entrance.

For dismissal, your child's safety is our priority. Please send a note with your child letting the teacher know how your child gets home. Please tell your child to give the note to their teacher.

Effective immediately, we will be dismissing students by grade levels from three different doors. We need to reduce the congestion outside as well as increase the time in which our students exit the building. 

  • All kindergarten students will be dismissed from the auditorium door. If you have more than one child at JCD, you will also use the auditorium door regardless of your children's grades; the auditorium will serve as the exit for Kindergarten as well as families. The door will be marked with an orange square.
  • Students in grades 1,2,5 and 6 will be dismissed from the cafe door; this door will be marked with a green square.
  • Students in grades 3,4,7 and 8 will exit through the side door on Congress Ave. This door will have a yellow square. 

After 2:00, phone calls to the main office must be avoided. As stated during orientation, changes in dismissal after 2:00 cannot be honored. Ms. Angela assists with our dismissal and accordingly is unable to take an influx of calls at the end of the school day.


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MANDATORY Orientation Forms

Please be reminded that there are four (4) orientation forms that MUST be completed. 

Below is a list of the required forms. Please check your PowerSchool parent portal to make certain each one has been completed and submitted.

Required forms:

  1. Authorize Internet and Technology Use Policy (Per district mandate, students will not be issued a Chromebook until the Authorize Internet and Technology Use Policy is submitted.)
  2. Extended Contact Emergency Contact Form
  3. Media Release Form
  4. NHPS Opportunity for Educational Continuity Plan

Reach out to Mrs. McGovern with any issues accessing your parent portal. Email is best for fastest response,




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