NHPS School Meal Challenge

Take the "NHPS School Meal Challenge
JCD loves a challenge!! The district is looking for every student, every family, the class with the most orders and the school with the most orders. Let's get everyone involved...our school lunch program depends on it!
HERE'S HOW IT WORKS - We challenge you to get as many people out to the schools daily to get lunch and breakfast OR to order a meal box by calling 475-220-1612.  Take a picture of you and your family enjoying your meal and post to social media. Tag on Instagram using #jcdgoes virtual and #newhavensuper, on Facebook @newhavenpublicschools, and on Twitter @newhavenpublic1.
Remember: the more we eat, the stronger we get, and the more we support a healthy meal program that depends on its users.
WATCH THIS VIDEO for additional information.
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A World of Wishes to you!
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