Please make sure your child is studying basic math facts every night if they are not yet fluent with multiplication and division!  All students should have both multiplication and division flashcards.  These can be purchased at the dollar store or downloaded for free online as well.  


Fluency Tests are given 3 times every year.  The students must reach "goal" by the end of the year when they take the SPRING fluency test.  Having them practice and prepare after doing their homework every night for 10 minutes will greatly help in improving their math skills and making them AUTOMATIC with these facts!  The main content areas they test in 5th grade are:  simplifying fractions, making equivalent fractions, and changing mixed numbers to improper fractions and improper fractions to mixed numbers.  We want to see each children make progress and growth from the Fall to the Spring test.  They can do it!!!!!!!  


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